Private Pilot Course

Private Pilot Course Overview

Learning to fly will never be easier than it is right now. You can earn your private pilot license for less than you might believe. A pilot license once earned is yours for life. *

Attaining your private pilot certificate is a task that can be accomplished safely, quickly, and easily by anyone with an enthusiasm for flying. An experienced instructor will work closely with you to instruct and guide you through the process of attaining your private pilot certificate.

Your first lesson will place you at the controls of a training aircraft. You will learn how to preflight the aircraft and you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of flying and aviation in general. Early in your training, a syllabus and schedule will be custom tailored to suit your goals and objectives. You will also learn how safe and enjoyable flying can be.

After perhaps as few as 12 hours, you will have acquired the skills necessary to safely operate the aircraft, and when you and your instructor are sure you are ready, you will be allowed to fly solo. During this solo time, your confidence in your decision making and skill will develop. At all times you will be under the direct supervision of your flight instructor.

Soon you will be flying at night, on instruments, and cross-country to distant airports. You will see how to gain utility in addition to just pure fun out of your flying experience.

During your training, your instructor will teach you what you need to know to pass the private pilot knowledge test. Upon completion of your training, when you and your instructor feel that you are ready, your logbook will be endorsed and you will be recommended to an examiner. You will then take the private pilot check ride and you will have added “aviator” to your list of lifetime accomplishments.

Hourly Breakdown
total time 40 hours
dual instruction 20 hours
night dual 3 hours
dual cross-country 5 hours
simulated instrument flight 3 hours
solo 15 hours
solo cross-country 5 hours


These numbers are minimum. Often students take 10 to 20% more time to complete. It is generally up to you. Homework and application go a long way in learning to fly. Your instructor will guide you on the best methods to maximize your learning in the least amount of time. You can expect perhaps an additional 10 to 15 hours of ground instruction, however some students elect home study courses, which can replace some or much of the ground school time.

Course Costs
aircraft fees at block rate $58.50 / hour $2340
dual instruction at block rate $31.50 / hour $630
ground instruction at block rate $31.50 / hour $315
private pilot flight kit $160
headset (rental available @ 5/hour) $225
tax $190
total $3860


* You must complete a “bi-annual flight review” each two years to exercise the privileges of your pilot certificate. You must maintain a third class medical for a private pilot certificate. This requires a physical (similar to a high school sports physical) each two years. The new “sport pilot” certificate only requires a drivers license. Ask about privileges and limitations of the sport pilot certificate.